Welcome To Our Company!

Water Services Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s premier water equipment services and advisory company, providing technical support, system reviews, contract management, contract negotiation, general market, and commercial advice to clients throughout Australia, India, China and South East Asia.

Our company can provide a number of tailored services for users of water treatment plants and outsourced water services, covering the full range of requirements from specifying, tendering, installing, commissioning and operating the plants, through to ongoing technical, commercial, parts, and operational support for customers, suppliers, and operators.

We have decades of experience in water treatment outsourcing, capital equipment supply, the operation and management of build own operate (BOO), operations and maintenance (O&M) and short term temporary (Mobile) water purification equipment throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe. Over this time we have provided countless cost effective and reliable solutions for industrial and municipal water users, solving a number of immediate and longer term water scarcity issues.

Our aim is to ensure that your water treatment plant, service contracts and water systems perform to your requirements in a reliable and cost-effective manner, from the first identification of needs right through to many decades after installation and commissioning.


Water Services Australia Pty Ltd consulting and management services cover the entire lifecycle of a capital water purification plant, rental system, Build Own Operate (BOO) or service contract:

With our consultants having been involved in hundreds of successful water treatment plant projects, we have the skills and abilities to provide end-to-end project management services. This includes manpower support for installation and commissioning (I&C), operations and maintenance (O&M), contract compliance auditing/monitoring, and third party contract dispute resolution.

Long after the project is installed/handed over, we can provide additional support and advice to customers, including manpower support for operations, operations review and performance management, water treatment plant operator training, operational technical support. In addition, we can provide commercial support services, including contract compliance monitoring, commercial support, contract dispute resolution and general commercial advice.

We can assist with the design of new water treatment systems, perform site water audits, manage pilot trials on new technologies, recommend process design and upgrades, prepare request for quotation (RFQ) documentation, and supplier and technology pre-selection.

Having worked as water purification solutions providers for many years, Water Services Australia is also able to provide a number of services to equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers. These include market analysis, new product development, component sourcing, creation of in-depth marketing plans, third party contract dispute resolution, assisting new business start-ups, and acting as and M&A Intermediary providing performance evaluation and due diligence services within the water industry.

We have decades of experience in process design, technical, and supplier review, combined with commercial evaluation, T&C review and final contract negotiation advice.


Through our exclusive agency agreement with Hager and Elsaesser (H+E), part of the aquarion group, we are able to provide a wide range of water treatment systems within the Australia and New Zealand market. H+E's capabilities and exclusive technologies range from treating ultrapure, through to industrial process waste waters, and everything in between, including municipal waters. If you have a water problem (scarcity, discharge, recovery,etc), please give us a call, as H+E have a technology and proven track record for most applications.

Water Services Australia also builds and supplies a range of smaller water treatment equipment (up to 1 MLD), along with supplying the supporting products:

Filtration (media, membrane and cartridge)
Reverse Osmosis Systems (brackish water RO and sea water desalination)
Ion exchange (IX) demineralisation and softening

Cartridges and media
Ion Exchange Resin

Industrial, municipal, dairy & waste water

Anti-scalant and speciality cleaning products

We are able to provide pipe labels, compliant with AS 1345 at very competitive prices.